the beginning of life`s 

most beautiful journey!



I am Marina W. Øksby a pregnancy therapist and doula. I am a personal, caring guide through one of the most exciting and 
amazing journeys you will experience in life. I have always been facinated by birth and beginning of life. 
It is something of the greatest and most magical a human can go through. I have given birth to three children with great pleasure and facination.


what is a doula?


A Doula is a Birthing assistant who is trained in natural childbirth that is there to support you and nurture you. I provide you with informational support pre and post birth as well as emotional and physical comfort measures during birth.  


A Doula does not make decisions for you, I will support you in the decisions you feel are best for you, your baby and your family. All of this resulting in a more pleasant birthing experience. 
Utilising Holistic measures during contractions will ease the pain. Some of these methods that I use are, massaging, movement techniques and positions to makes you the most comfortable during the different labour stages.  Post birth I can assist with your breastfeeding journey. I will provide you with further information on holistic choices for your new-born. 

Everyone asks why is it important to have a Doula at your Birth? Many people regard having a Doula as vitally important, because her presence and support creates a birthing process that is less stressful and more enjoyable. What I normally do is set up a meeting with you and your partner to explain to you in person as to what I do. This way I an also answer any questions you might have.



the pregnancy


We learn eachother to know closely during the pregnancy, to make you and your partner feel safe and confident with me and the situation. I will then know your needs, wishes and thoughts for the birth.





To be pregnant may be quite a strain for the body. I will offer a comprehensive, calm and caring birthpreparing massage, with relaxation- and breathing techniques. The massage provides a calm sensation, and will prepare you and your body for the delivery. You will learn to be more present in your body, and letting go of fear or anxiety. You will feel safer, and gain trust in your own, natural power.

Some women come to me about their worries about the delivery. During the time we share I see that their smiles appear, and when the birth is due, they actually are looking much forward to the magical event.

As a Doula, I contribute with empowering the woman in this natural and amazing process.


The massage is a gift for you and the baby, a “sacred breathingspace” where the bond between you and your baby strengthens.  The massage prevents pain, edema (fluid retention), poor bloodcirculation and sleeping problems. After the massage you will experience an inner calmness, fell more present in your own body, and more in touch with your baby. Treat youself and your baby with this loving massage.


birth preparing course


I am also offering birthpreparing courses in the comfort of your own home. We go through all expected routines concerning the birth.

How to make yourself ready for the delivery. What food/nutrition can be prepared in advance, both for the labourperiod, and the time after. 

Letter to the midwife

Good labour positions

Hormones and natural painrelief methods

Medical painrelief

Your partners tasks

Signs of labour - how it starts

Breastfeeding, the new life, and life as parents and as a family.

This course is a thoroughly planned process to give you and your partner the best awarness of what is ahead, to make you feel safe and secure.

standby period


This is the time I will assign for you to feel confident about me being ready for your delivery. I will be 24/7 standby all times. 


the birth


When the labour is due, I can join you at your house, drive you to the hospital or meet you there. 

I will support you during the whole process, and to the moment you are set on the maternity department about 2 hours after giving birth.Through our contact during the pregnancy, I have learned to know you and your preferences and wishes. That enables me to provide a safe, emotional, physical, informative and practical support. During the labour my task is to help the mother to use her full potential without disruptions. I am very concerned about creating a warm and nice athmosphere in the labouringroom. I will use the relaxation- and breathing techniques we have been practicing during the pregnancy. Movement, touch, labour positions and massage will give more relief and calmness. I am also educated iHypno Babies techniques and Spinning Babies techniques, to help the baby keep optimal space in the pelvis.


the wonderful time after ...


The postnatal period is an important time for the new little family.

To make sure this period is as positive as possible, I offer extended help. I am concerned about making good routines, while taking care of the things you could find yourself in need of. I can offer breastfeeding guidance, massage, caretaking of the baby while the mother is resting, provide healthy homecooked food, do necessary shopping or other services to keep this magical period stressfree and loving.

la det største øyeblikket i livet ditt bli magisk ved bruk av en doula